church of God of Prophecy Milton Keynes

Youth Ministry



Youth is an amazing time of life. It’s a time of excitement, fun exploration, change and discovery. We place a very high value on our youth for they will be the scientist, doctors, evangelists, politicians and leaders of tomorrow. We engage in various ventures throughout the year with an aim to meet the spiritual, social, physical and emotional needs of our young people.

We do this via:

Youth Meetings

Meetings are held on a weekly basis; they are often planned and delivered by the young people themselves. They take part by giving speeches, acting, singing, moderating, preparing and delivering presentations. As they play an active role in the meetings they develop their self confidence, build self esteem and gain experience in presenting as they become accustomed to delivering to an audience. They are taught the basic principles of living a Christian life and inturn they are able to teach them to others. The skills they acquire will be useful in their schools, colleges and in their everyday life.



There are various activities taking place throughout the year, we attend an annual Ball where the young ladies dress up in their best frocks and the young men wear their bow ties. They have get togethers where they are able to socialise, play, joke and enjoy each other's company.

Summer is a really exciting time as we attend our annual Summer Camps which cater for youth from ages 13-17 while the other ranges from 18-25. The young people hide away for the week and engage in many activities which include water sports, abseiling, river studies and various team building exercises. They form healthy relationships with their peers and mentors, and such relationships have lasted long after camp has finished. These are just some of the activities we engage in as we strive to cater for the physical and social needs of our young people.



 We are very committed to supporting young people and we are readily available to offer support and advice on life issues, confidential matters and problems affecting their everyday lives. Our church strives on giving help and assistance and it would be a privilege to offer friendship and support to anyone who may be in need.

We really hope you’ll visit us and we look forward to meeting you.


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