church of God of Prophecy Milton Keynes


Artist rendition of the building


We are a local Church / Charity in Milton Keynes that is involved in a range of activities within the community. As a local church we are in the process of the construction of a new community centre that will enable us to centralise and house the work currently being offered.


The church believes in equality and fairness. Our philosophy is demonstrated in the range of help provided; and is motivated by the belief of increased participation in community life for all. The church currently serves a range of people throughout Milton Keynes.

To enable us to better serve the community we have acquired land with the agreement to build within 18 months, otherwise the project will be jeopardised. It is extremely vital that we are able to meet this timeframe in order for this project to be a success.

We are asking that visitors to our website are able to help donate to our project by visiting our donations page.


Find out more about our fundraising initiatives by watching the video below: